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June 24, 2007
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I hate the way you lied to me,
that you made it sound so true,
I hate the fact I believed you,
each time you changed your story, spinning your lies like a spiders web,
I hate the way your friends treated me,
names so hurtful and rude,
I hate the fact they pushed you and me,
you just let them draw out your life,
I hate that you never called me,
you seemed to never care,
I hate that when I called, you never answered the phone,
you where always oh so busy, but never had time for me,
I hate that you acted so scared,
like I was a plague,
I hate that I felt like nothing at all to you,
but I still stayed there,
I hate that I just went along with every word you said,
blind to intelligent mind,
I hate that you did stuff I couldn't stand and I still stayed,
like a behaved dog not to leave,
I hate that you told my friend you wanted to end,
like you couldn't stand to tell me,
I hate that I don't believe you ever liked me at all,
and I liked you so much,
I hate that I was embarrassed by your friends,
and you did nothing to stop it,
I hate that you weren't a boyfriend,
but a like 5 year old boy,
I hate the thought that I wasted my time dating a boy that didn't treat me right,
I hate the fact that I wasn't me anymore when I dated you, and that I spent hours crying over you,
I hate that I deserved better but still stayed with you,
but really I hate you…
ok this is a hate poem about my ex boyfriend
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EsaKris Nov 12, 2007   Digital Artist
wow, that's really should punch him!!! that's what i would do, but since i never had a boy friend then i can't do it ^w^ i gotta :+fav: this, it's so sad and i love the way you described that creep :clap: keep it up
thanks i think i did punch him lol ill try to keep it up hehehe
thanks i think i did punch him lol ill try to keep it up hehehe
EsaKris Nov 16, 2007   Digital Artist
YAY!! ^w^
:giggle: yup! and if you ever see him again....punch him for me will yah?
ok hes on my bus for school so i will soon
EsaKris Nov 17, 2007   Digital Artist
:w00t: thank you :handshake: :evillaugh: i can't wait :ninjaplot:
EsaKris Nov 17, 2007   Digital Artist
:giggle: ^^ no thank you
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